Mini Courses

Mini Courses are the new way to learn about and experience art! Gain knowledge about famous artworks, artists and cultures by exploring art history through a modern lens. Courses take 2 hours to complete with 10-minute segments including interactives, images, videos and activities that engage and motivate. Apply new perspectives, sharpen your skills and get inspired by art and culture! Available on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Deep Dives

Deep Dives are the new way to learn about in-depth areas of art history! Gain advanced knowledge of unique aspects of art, movements, artists and cultural histories. Courses include 8 hours of content in self-paced modules with interactives, images, videos and activities that engage and inspire. Gain new perspectives, sharpen your skills of analysis and interpretation while deepening your knowledge of art and culture! Available on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Art-Shorts Live!

Interactive conversations about unique works of art. Online, in real time, guided by an art-enthusiast/instructor. Get the inside scoop on interesting, sometimes controversial artworks and artists. Expand your knowledge about art and culture. No prior art history knowledge needed! Bring your curiosity. One-hour in length. Best experienced on desktop, laptop or tablet.

Expand Your Mind

  • Get Inspired

    Art is about storytelling. We bring the compelling stories of art history to life by engaging you in the story! Reflection activities embedded in our learning experiences guide you to discover new pathways to inspiration and creativity.

  • Develop Skills

    Looking at and studying art improves observation, analytical and critical thinking skills; it’s why medical schools across the U.S. have added arts appreciation to their curriculum. Our courses do the same, by encouraging observation and reflection, you hone your skills of analysis and critical thinking.

  • Gain New Perspectives

    Exploring art and its history encourages you to see things differently, have more empathy and perspective by considering views of different cultures, subjects and people. Expand your thinking by reflecting on art across cultures, groups and nations.

Learners Love Our Courses!

The 7 Kickass Women Course was awesome!

Nina M.

The course definitely made me think about not only the artists and the artwork itself, but also how I interacted with themes and concepts presented in the art. It was also so surprising and inspiring to learn about the life path’s of each of the female artists. This course was an excellent way to jog my creativity and learn more about myself, art and the women within it. Would recommend.

Fun, Interactive, Entertaining and Educational

Kathleen W.

Love interacting with the lesson, the instructor is great, interesting and thorough. Love Wine and love art and so I loved the course. Thanks.

Interactive and Engaging!

Diane H.

I enjoyed the 7 Kickass Women in Art History very much. The content is exceptional and what I liked most about it were the questions that were asked as you moved through the course. It invites you to contemplate the artists’ work, their stories and how it applies to today's world.

It was very thought-provoking and the best part was Debbie responded with her thoughts to my comments quickly. You can actually have a dialogue with her about your reflections which is amazing. Can’t wait to sign up for my next one!

Great Course!

Bruce M.

Really enjoyed this course. I was familiar with most of the paintings, yet I appreciated them from a different point of view with the focus on wine. Great insight into different cultures. Good variety and thoughtful. Thank you.

My owner loved it!


My human, Scottie-boy, took the Art's Best Friend! Dogs in Art History course to learn more about art, though I know he really enjoyed the stories about the dogs and owners, especially the ones where the dogs were the heroes. It was the story about James Stuart (some Duke or another) and his faithful greyhound that I liked best.

The greyhound apparently saved James’ life from a wild boar during a ferocious hunt (I would do the same for Scottie-boy). James, forever grateful, bestowed elaborate gifts on his greyhound, including jeweled-studded collars. Now that’s what I call devotion.

Meet Your Art Guide!

Debbie Morrison

I love art and sharing it with others. As a museum-lover, docent and educator I saw how people wanted to learn about and engage with art but couldn’t because of the barriers inherent to museums and cultural institutions. I started Art History for Real to change how people experience art by providing approachable, unique online courses and conversations.

My goal is to make art history relevant to your life—to inspire, sharpen and stimulate. I’ve put my 20+ years-experience developing curriculum, Master’s Degree in Education, Certificate in Museum Studies and in-progress Master’s in Art History to work, to create approachable, enriching learning experiences. I look forward to sharing the inspirational world of art history with you!